Grey 'Mother of the Bride' Shawl

Well, quite a lot actually.  I took Secret Spinner to a wedding fair and was asked to make a shawl for a ‘Mother of the Bride’ outfit.  The lady in question was very happy with her finished shawl and I believe she looked a million dollars in it on the day.

I’ve also been busy with a Sekrit Project, which is only fitting I suppose – all will be revealed in due course but all I can tell you right now is that involves yummy scrummy luxury fibres and my Secret Spinner touch.

Dragon's Blood on its bobbin

I’ve finished a custom spinning project for a friend of mine who saw some fibre that was earmarked for the Etsy Shop and called dibs on the finished yarn before I’d even started it! Here’s the fibre on the bobbin, and in it’s finished state – the colours are a little off as I’m still getting aquainted with my new camera, and there are a few gremlins left in the matrix… or something.

Dragon's Blood in it's skein

I’m working on some new colourways for the shop at the moment and also on a project in celebration of the life of a dear friend who transitioned in January this year.  She was an amazingly talented artist, working with metal, fabric and anything else she could find.  She was an inspiration to everyone who knew her and in honour of that I have been working on a purple sparkly lace weight yarn that I can gift some of her friends with when we meet in to celebrate our friend in May.  I’m up to 978 meters so far, so about two thirds of the way there.  The first batch is drying in the airing cupboard as I type.

Purple Sparkles

The sneaky peak pictures are of this first batch and they are still a little damp from their bath, so it doesn’t look as plump as it will once they’re dry. The flash really makes the angelina sparkles that I added to this shine and there’s some silk in there too, so the finished article will be a little more subdued than the picture suggests – still, I wanted to post some WIP shots so here it is.

In other news, I’m going away for a week in May, and the shop will be closed from the 7th to the 14th.  My partner, his mum and I are all going for a well deserved break in Fuertaventura for the week.  Hopefully there will be sun, sea, spa and bar time for all of us, and gives us some time together without the stress and concerns of everyday living.  Unfortunately, it does mean that I will miss my monthly crafty outing  – a wonderful enabling day facilitated by a friend of mine.  Watch out for a whole post dedicated to this brilliant group ‘Creating Space’.  If you’re in the Cambridge area and free on the 14th of May, the group runs from 9am-ish to 4pm-ish and is a total bargain at £3.  Everyone is super friendly and will have you involved in something in no time at all.  It’s all happening at Harston Village Hall, so enjoy the fun, and tell me all about what I missed!

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for the unveiling of Chopped Tomatoes’ new blog.  The lovely Machelle came to stay this week and a wonderful time was had by all.  We talked yarn and fibre and movies and food… oh and we went on a outing to historic Granchester and had tea and ice cream at The Orchard tea garden, famously frequented by Rupert Brooke.  Machelle is going to be featuring Secret Spinner Yarns and I’m so excited!  Earlier this year Machelle gave Silver Screen a new home and it is now a truely decadent shawl.  Look out for the give-away portion of the article – you could be the lucky winner of some unique handspun yarn made by me – Yay for free stuff!





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