My new journey into the world of spinning has really set my mind back onto a thought path that I’ve been stumbling on and off for years. I like crafting because I like creating. When I am creating anything I feel connected to energies that fill me with awe. Those of the Mother, Creatrix, She who Spins the Web of Life. When I’m in full crafting mode I feel calm, centred – safe to be exactly who I am in that moment.

As I spin I find that I slip easily into a meditative frame of mind, I’m in my body and connected to the wonder of the universe as the fleece in my hand becomes yarn. As the fibres of the fleece become twisted and make the transformation from fluff to yarn I’m birthing something. There are so many possibilities, so many paths for the yarn to take. The fibre twists easily, wanting to become yarn, the fibres together becoming stronger than they are alone. A spinner I know and love told me ‘You can give 100 spinners the same bag of fibre and they’ll spin you 100 different yarns’. I love that. I find it wonderful that no two spinners make the same yarn – their individuality creates something unique and that is awesome to me.

As I journey along the spinning road, I am learning so much.  I’m learning about fibre and technique and colour and all those physical things, but I’m also learning about myself.  I’m learning preseverance, patience, trusting my intuition and believing that what I am creating is worth something.  Small steps but important nonetheless.



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