I’ve been spinning like a… I was trying to come up with a clever metaphor but I can’t so I’m settling for ‘crazy spinny thing’.  I’ve managed to round up a group of kindly knitters and dyers who will put some of my yarn through it’s paces before I release it into the wild.  As their test data comes in, I’ll be evaluating and sharing snippets of it here.  Until then, here is one of the yarns I’m hoping to spin regularly as it’s such fun and so relaxing as it is very well behaved and doesn’t cause problems.

Presenting Naturally Beautiful in the Cappuccino colourway – a 70/30 BFL/Tussah Silk blend.

The first bit of tested yarn has come back and I’m really pleased 🙂  It is only a tiny bit though, as the lady who dyed it for me was banned from touching the rest by her husband, who said it would be sacrilege to touch the rest of it.  Subterfuge is planned and hopefully a little more will make it to the dye pots soon.

Until then:  Dyed with synthetic indigo

It’s really subtley heathered and the silk picks up the light far better than is demonstrated in this photo.



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  1. I’m loving your blog, and your hand spun yarn journey. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to sample your yarn!

    • The samples in the photo are currently hanging in the airing cupboard 🙂 How much would you like to test, meterage I mean. I’m capping requests at 60m so that I still have some left but I want my testers to have enough to knit a decent swatch if they so wish 🙂

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