My dining table looks like a fibre bomb has hit it.  I have the use of a friend’s drum carder until the weekend so I’ve taken the opportunity to blend some dyed Merino with some unbleached Tussah Silk ready for spinning for the shop.  Thus I’m finding fibre all over the house in the oddest of places.  Part of me is worried what people will think when they come over, but the creative part of me, the part that is walking her talk doesn’t give a monkeys.  I live with a chronic pain condition and today it’s whooping me good, but I feel happy and warm because somewhere in me truly believes I can do this. I am an artist, a creator, a spinner, and I’m allowing it to have a voice.  My dining room table is testament to that.

The first of the blending session fibres is on the wheel at the moment – I’m going to Navajo ply it I think, and I’m expecting it to be brighter orange at one end.  It’s sory of a story yarn – The fearless fox who has to venture into the urban landscape to forage.  I might change my mind yet, but at the moment that’s the impression I get as I’m spinning.