I don’t care though.  My beautiful business cards came this morning and I am SO pleased with how they turned out.  So pleased that I’m taking photos and posting on my blog.  Yes, this is why my beloved, who is sitting right here next to me, thinks I’m sad.  I’m just excited because my dreams are becoming reality, so ner.  The photo is a little blurred I think, or is it my eyes from the tears of joy … I don’t know but you get the idea?



  2 Responses to “Squee! aka My beloved thinks I’m sad.”

  1. Jo, your business cards are worth a squeel:-)
    They are so beautiful and so is your wool.
    Good luck from a Goddess.

  2. You should really get out more! Jo, I am very jealous, they are gorgeous! See you tomorrow! (I have liberated your needles form the un-blocked blocky scarf (now on my blocking pile) so they will be home soon… promise!)

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