I’m currently working through Dianne Sylvan’s Spiritual Nomad course.  I’m really enjoying it and although I am always learning and integrating new concepts into my overall spiritual ethos, this course is giving me a whole host of signposts that I hadn’t previously considered in depth.  Week two of the course prompts us to consider who our gurus are – those people to whom we turn for direction, guidance and inspiration most often.  I spent today making mine.  This is by no means an exhaustive list of my gurus, but some of the people who really belong on this board have no desire to be on the web, in any capacity, so they remain in a different place and in my heart.

From top left to bottom right:

The Dali Lama – I am always inspired by incredible soul who understands that the way to heal our planet and ourselves is through the moment to moment practice of mindful compassion and kindness.

Dianne Sylvan – I purchased The Body Sacred on the recommendation of a friend some years ago, and since then have purchased copies and gifted them to other friends who I felt would benefit from the words and ideas contained not only in the book, but in the mind of this kick-ass, real-life woman who is dancing her way through life in a crocheted fraggle hat.  Her words and spirit are a constant source of inspiration, humour and uplifting light in my life and the lives of so many others who are gradually learning self acceptance and how to rock their spiritual socks off.

Ina May Gaskin – Oh my.  I discovered the awesomeness (and I use the word awesome in it’s correct sense) that is Ina May only quite recently.  I’m a fledgling doula working toward recognised status with Doula UK and although I’m really only starting out on my birth companion journey but I’ve been walking in tandem with people who need support for a while.

William Bloom – I first discovered William’s work in 2006 when I read his book on Psychic Protection.  As the years have passed I’ve attended several of his brilliant courses and am working towards my Spiritual Companionship Certificate.  His calm, compassionate outlook and clear energy are a constant source of inspiration and I feel immensley lucky to have been able to study with him.

Jennifer Louden –  I’m rubbish at self care.  I’m able to support people, to care for them, to encourage them to look after themselves and help them to heal but I’m often really pants at taking my own advice.  Jennifer’s writing is forever inspiring and a reminder to look after myself so that I can take care of others.

Sera Beak – My copy of The Red Book is falling to pieces I’ve read it so much.  This woman sings to my soul in a way I never even thought I needed.  I always find what I need in there, she makes my feel like someone opened my heart and poured the goddess right in there.

Heather Veitch (Heathwitch) – I’ve known Heather since 2005 but it feels like we’ve been friends for a lifetime.  I was a celebrant at her handfasting in 2009 and she’s been my teacher, my friend and my heart-sister for as long as I’ve know her.  I studied eclectic witchcraft with her when she was the High Priestess of a teaching coven, she attuned me to Reiki and showed me that having a chronic illness doen’t mean it has to define you.  She’s helped me to realise that I can be whoever I want to be and for that I don’t have words enough to thank her.

Purple Butterfly Sister – This purple butterfly is for a dear sister-friend who transitioned in 2011.  She was creative, thoughtful, funny and smart.  She fought like an Amazon with grace and quiet strength.  She is with me every day, she touches my life in ways I could have never imagined and she sprinkles sparkles on me when I need them most.

Claude Debussy – Ah, Claude.  I have a BA in Music and I studied Debussy’s piano music with one of the foremost scholars of his work.  That honour never fails to make me catch my breath and give thanks.  Debussy’s music touches my soul and fills me up.  It pulses with the the rhythm of my heart and takes me to places filled with silence, joy, shadow, golden light, peace and pain. Spirit lives in his work and plays peek-a-boo between the notes.  The Snow Is Dancing and La cathédrale engloutie (The Sunken Cathedral) are two of my favourite pieces of music.

Mikao Usui – This man is said to be responsible for the system of Reiki that we know today after a period of extended retreat on Mount Kurama.  His techniques now help millions around the world.  My spiritual life has profoundly enriched by Reiki and the daily meditation and mindfulness it encourages.

Jennifer Berezan – Jennifer’s work with sacred sound, especially her work for Returning in The Hypogeum at Hal Saflieni in Malta has become a huge part of my healing and relaxation work.  Her music is an inpiration and a source of peace and gentle strength for me and I am grateful.

So ends the whistlestop tour of my guru board.  Making this was such a great experience for me and a really valuable place to sit and and rest on my journey.



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  1. Sweetheart, this touches me more than you can know. I am so honoured to be with such wonderful people on your GuruBoard. May you enjoy the Spiritual Nomad course and reach deeper truths about yourself. If you need me, you know where I am. I love you. x

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