So, with the run up to fibre shows and other unrelated shinannegins I’ve been rather lax with the posting here at Secret Spinner. However, I have been busy behind the scenes and I can now unveil the latest creations from the Secret Spinner Sofa (which incidentally is now full of beads)…

I’ve used reclaimed Teak pins to create beautiful, multi-tasking and unique garment jewellery to finish off your knitted and crocheted projects, or to adorn your hair while you wear them!

Rose Quartz and Aquamarine Pin

A top view of my Aquamarine and Rose Quartz creation


The Aquamarine and Rose Quartz chips on this creation are all individually wrapped and placed to allow the pin to sit nicely on a shawl or shrug, or even to close a bag.





Rose Quartz and silver lined beads for a little something sparkley


The Rose Quartz beads on this pin are nestled snugly between rose coloured silver lined beads, adding a touch of sparkle to this elegant spiralling design.  All of the pins have a final diameter of 10mm, so they are perfect for an open fingering weight or above creation – they weigh about 6 – 10g and are about 15cm long.





A close up of the tiny spiral that adorns the top of each pin

Garnets all sitting in rows wrapped with copper wire

My tiny spirals adorn the top of each pin and are hand crafted by me to fit each pin individually – the beauty of natural materials is that one size does not fit all!  Each one of these pins, even if they are made with the same materials, has it’s own character, it’s own story and it’s own secrets to tell.  Maybe, if you give one a home they will tell them to you.


You can give a multi-purpose Secret Spinner Shawl pin a home by visiting the Etsy shop



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