I’ve been busy spinning, knitting and sewing for months now, building up skeins and other fibrey goodness to take to Fibre East in July.  One of the less fun but throughly rewarding tasks has been reskeining all my stock into 2 metre skeins.  With the aid of niddy noddy and swift, I painstakingly reskeined thousands of metres of yarn.

Urban Fox




Moorland Heather

Mermaid's Tale





















Then there were the new skeins, ones that have been finished more recently and needed photos.  I’ll be posting their individual yarn stories over the next few weeks.

Sweet Nostalgia

Lost in Lavender


There are more to come too.  I’m spinning nearly every day, and I’m hoping to have at least another three skeins finished before July. 

But as with all good things, these skeins take time – lots of it.  The superfine singles take over a week to spin, then they get some chill time before they are plied.  Then they get a bath, are allowed to dry naturally out of the sun and direct sources of heat, reskeined, measured (although all weights and measurements are approximate) and labelled.  If you’re in the UK and looking for a great day (or weekend) out in July, mosey on down to Fibre East on the 14th and 15th. I’ll be there with my Spindependence friends – come along and say hi!







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  1. Oooh, so many pretties, not enough time (or money!). I hope you have a wonderful time at FibreEast and that your yarns find loving forever homes. Good luck! 🙂

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