This was my first foray into ‘freeform knitting’.  I gathered a bushel of beautiful yarns, cast on, and away I went.  There are some Colinette yarns in there, some beautiful indigo dyed laceweight, and some ‘mystery’ yarn that I was given.  It’s a denim blue heavy cotton and made the perfect base for me to build on.


For this shawl I cast on 300 with the 8mm and then just followed the usual feather and fan lace pattern using the 9mm, without worrying if the holes lined up, decreased by either 3 or 5 stitches at the beginning of each row to give me a long shallow shawl that can wrap around even my ample body at least twice.


Once I finished the knitting bit, I improvised a crocheted edging that increases on every row, giving a spiralling, waving edging that sings of the beautiful ocean that was the inspiration for this free-range piece.
I used a 7mm and an 8mm hook for the edging.

I will be adding further embellishments as I go, stitching memories, wishes and spells into my shawl.


As requested by the lovely Vivianne here are a couple of pictures of the shawl in close up, and some of the buttons and charms I will sew in eventually.





  2 Responses to “Oceana aka Ocean’s Embrace”

  1. Amazing colors and yarn combos 🙂 How did you decide when to change yarns etc ? Any chance of a spread-out close-up photo ? 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 I just sort of went with the flow. I tried not to count too much and just let go of the idea of rigid rules. I will absolutely add a spread out close up Vivianne, I’m off to do it now 🙂

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