There’s a bit more of a story behind this skein.  It started life as a plain bag of Bluefaced Leicester top that I took with me to a Creating Space session last year.  My good friend Lindi had some mystery dye with her.  Someone had gifted her with  it and we decided to slosh it onto some fibre to see what would happen.  I’d never done any dye work before, so despite some not inconsiderable trepidation I just went with my gut and started to turn my lovely white top into many shades of blue, purple and (yikes) pink.  Once it had dried, the fibre languished in my stash, patiently biding it’s time until it reached the head of the queue.  Once I started spinning I was wonderfully surprised.  The blues became richer, softer and brighter, the pink for the most part became many shades of purple, and the purple became a heavenly shade of lavender.  The finished skein has several knots in it, mainly because there were some sections I was unhappy with once the whole thing was plied, and I decided to chop them out.  However, the skein is still plenty long enough to make a good sized shawlette at around 500 metres.



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  1. Oooh, you brave soul — attempting dyeing! I’d love to try but I get the feeling I’d break something LOL 🙂 This looks like a delicious job you’ve done though, and it’s spun up beautifully too. Well done! *hugs* x

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