Wow.  It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged.  So much has happened, both in my spinning world and personally since June.


Fibre East happened.  I was there on the Spindependence stall, surrounded by the Spindependence crew and all things spun, felted, embroidered and knitted.  There was fibre, mud, yarn, more mud, fun, laughs and sheep.


In September my personal life imploded and expanded again when a close family member was diagnosed with cancer.  I spent sleepless nights and listless days in diagnosis limbo.  There was lots of time spent sitting in hospital waiting rooms, and I spent that time knitting.  In that cocoon of calm, the only place I could find a little stillness in the storm without my spinning wheel, I made lots of knitted things.  Shawls mainly, some with beads, some without, some handspun and some indie dyed.  I’ll be blogging about them gradually over the next few weeks.

That family member is ok for now.  They caught the cancer early, it’s very treatable, chemotherapy has happened and for now, that’s all.

I’m coming back to my spinning, back to the still, safe place that it creates for me.  I’m busy making more Be Unique skeins whilst working on a special collaborative project with an author dear to my heart.  I’ll be blogging about that project too, in time, but it still needs a little breathing room.  I’m still working behind the scenes on custom commissions, shawl pins and knitting projects.

I wish I could say that I’ll be back to blogging regularly, but I’m not going to make promises I can’t keep.  I’m playing catchup everywhere, but I’ll be doing my best to make sure that I keep updating.  I want to say thank you for bearing with me – your support means so much, and I’m truly grateful.



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