Shades of a deep sea wonder land

I’ve been lucky enough to visit some pretty stunning places in my life and I’ve done some pretty cool things.  One of these life opening experiences was snorkeling off the coasts of Cuba and Mexico.  It’s an amazing sight.  It’s another world down there, filled with grace and vivid beauty, so vast but connected – every being plays its part, from the smallest single celled organism to the gargantuan Blue Whale.  I love the reefs.  They are so bright, they pulse with the heart of the ocean, filled with energy and life.  The soft blues and coppers in this fibre didn’t begin to fill me with echoes of those magical underwater adventures until I started to see the singles wind onto the bobbin, but from that point on, I knew what this yarn wanted for it’s name.  So here it is, my Enchanted Reef.



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