Singles on the bobbin

Spun from fibre purchased from Fiberoptic on Etsy and I have to say that I love this yarn.  I knew I would before I spun it, and so did someone else.  So much so that she snaffled it before it was even released from it’s braid.  I bought the fibre because I fell in love with the deep garnet reds that gave way to vibrant ruby and back to dense, sultry red that was almost black.

Dragon's Blood in it's skein

I chose the name because I love loose incense, you know, the stuff that you need a red hot,  smoldering charcoal block to burn.  One of my absolute favourite loose incense is dragons blood resin.  It’s collected most commonly from the Dracaena draco tree and back in the day was used for varnish (and still is for some violins), medicine and dye as well as incense.  When I was spinning this yarn the colours reminded me of dragon’s blood incense as it melts, pools and smokes, releasing it’s gorgeous and heady scent.



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