Creating Space is your monthly permission slip to be creative with fibre for a whole day.  Yes folks, a whole day for you to make, create, do and most importantly, be.  You can bring those big jobs that drive your family nuts or bring your knitting and just sit and do it in a space where no one will nag you to do the housework or clean the car.  Mostly you get to have fun playing with your stash and getting inspired.  The other great thing is that you have people around you who are excited to share their knowledge, help you if you get stuck, or just lend an extra pair of hands.  You get to express yourself and your fibre-passions in a safe space, with other folk who love fibre just as much as you – how brilliant is that?

Who can come?

Little people can get involved too!

Absolutely anyone, that’s the beauty of Creating Space. From young folks to older folks, fibre novices, knitting beginners, yarn genius dyers, sewing machine whizzes and everyone between and beyond has a place.  Each session has a different flavour be it planned or organic, depending on who arrives and with what kit.  Every session has its own personality but it will always be friendly, welcoming and a great experience, whatever your level of skill.


Peg loom rug making.

What do you do there?

Well, the list is varied and growing but so far there has been knitting, crochet, spinning, dying, weaving, fibre sorting, drum carding and fibre preparation, sewing machine embroidery and surface embellishment and felting.  Whoo, this is a brilliant and not exhaustive list – how cool is that?

We also share snacks, cups of coffee and fibre related fun and companionship.  There is a great sense of fellowship, of shared experiences and crafting joy and more practically there is oodles of space for you to do those big jobs that at home you really just don’t have the space to spread out and do.


When and where does it happen?

Alpaca and silk on hand carders.

Creating space runs once a month on the second Saturday from 9-ish in the morning to 4-ish in the afternoon.  At the moment the sessions only run at Harston Village Hall in Harston, Cambridge.  We use one of the two biggest rooms in the building so there is plenty of space for folks to spread out and do exactly what they want to do and there are tables for people to sit and work at if that is what you need for your project.  Monthly email reminders happen to give you a gentle nudge if you’ve neglected your crafting self and we also have a group for Ravelry folk to join if they wish – joining is easy, just search the groups area for Creating Space.


A special Happy Birthday snack array.

How can I get involved?

Creating Space is open to all ages and skill levels so you can just turn up with whatever you need – sometimes that might be your spinning wheel and sometimes just curiosity.  You don’t have to come for the whole day, and you certainly don’t have to commit in advance, although it is helpful to know so if you do plan on coming and have the time, do try to drop us an email at creatingspace @ spindependence. com – Take out the spaces and you’re sorted.


Don’t worry if you’re a total beginner, there is someone who is willing to show you how to get stuck in with what you want to learn, and there might even be starter equipment there for you to have a go with.  We also try to feature recently finished projects, a stuff-swap and self made sale tables.

There is a small charge for the group – £3 – just to help cover some of the costs.  There is usually instant with caffine coffee and ‘ordinary’  tea for people to drink and often people bring cakes or snacks to share with the group.

Spinning fun!

Is there anything else we should know?

A proud moment and a beautiful skein of yarn.

One of our leaders is very allergic to angora from rabbits, so if you’re coming please leave angora filled projects and clothes at home.  We don’t like to have restrictions but it would be very sad if our leading lady was allergic to her own group!  Other than that we look forward to seeing you there.  If you would like any more information about Creating Space, please email creatingspace @ spindependence. com (make sure to take out the anti-spam spaces).



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  1. So, Jo… a quiet moment at last to say thank you for this lovely resume of the “creating space” world! x

  2. Well done, folks! Not only creative spinners but great organizers and website creators too. I’m impressed. I shall definitely keep coming, though cannot do the 9th this month. See you there.

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