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Hello and welcome to Secret Spinner.  I’m Jo, it’s great to see you here!

I’m a 31 year old fibrephile engaged to a computer geek. Our house is untidy, mainly because most of the time it looks like a multicoloured sheep bomb just exploded in it. I’m a spinner and knitter who occasionally crochets. I’ve recently added designer and felter to my list of fibrey pursuits.  In my other – not so secret – life I’m a Trainee Doula, Priestess, Reiki Practitioner and Holistic Spirituality Pathwalker. I devour books at a frightening rate. Thank goodness for Kindle – more room for yarn!

You’ll find a lot of articles on this blog are about spinning, knitting and fibre-craft, as I am mad-passionate-nuts about fibre and being creative.  You’re also likely to find articles on spirituality, life, joy, pain, celebration, community and much more besides. I am constantly surprised and completely grateful to have understanding and awesome friends who believe in me and remind me that it’s ok for me to be myself, even if that means being weird.

I have a cupboard in my house that is full of bits of things that I’ve squirreled away over the years.  My fiance hates it, he thinks that it’s messy and disorganised but it’s my creative cauldron that cupboard.  I go scrying for inspiration in there, listening to it whisper about what it wants to be, and then I make something.  I hope that something here whispers to you. I urge you to follow that thread, hear what it’s singing to you and dance your way home.

One of my most beloved things to do is blend creativity and spirituality to produce unique yarn that I have hand spun with mindful love and kindness making a perfect gift for yourself or a special project for a loved one.  I love the diversity and unique quality that is found within a single skein of handspun yarn.  All of my yarns have their own character, and like so many of us, despite our best efforts, contain imperfections.  Each one of those imperfections is the opportunity for growth and a challenge to be better next time.  My yarn is not perfect, but neither am I.

 I try to document my life journey here, a chronical of the union between my creativity and spirituality, my quest for understanding and my thirst for knowledge.  If you landed here and are looking for more information about Life Rites or Doula Services then hold tight and watch this space.

The fruits of my adventures into the world of fibre can be seen here and are available for purchase on Etsy.