I have a friend. An amazing woman I consider a sister who I have known for more than half my life.  She was there for me when my mother died, she looked out for me when I was a grieving teen totally incapable of processing the pain and loss I was experiencing.  She has been there for me through my joy and pain, my hope and my dispair.  I love her.  She has a shining heart and she’s 200 miles away and I miss her.  This year for her birthday, I sent her a heart made of merino and cashmere that could keep her warm when I’m too far away for a hug.

It’s Annie Lee’s Sweet Heart Scarf knitted in more of that gorgeous discontinued yarn from Chopped Tomatoes.

It features a nice easy start and the simple garter stitch body was great TV knitting.  The increases for the ruffle were a little difficult, purely because I didn’t have enough spare yarn to work with.  I’m not a tight knitter either, so if I were to knit this again I’d probably go up a needle size the row before to give me a little extra manouvre room.  After some intuitive and not at all counted fudging I managed to end up with 449 stitches on either side of the marker.  Thank you to whomever was watching over me at that point!  The ruffle was easy going although a little mind-numbing since there are just over 900 stitches to work for each pass at this point.
I chose to block this with no wires, just pins and I experimented a little with the ruffle once it was blocked, just to see if I could get a nicer wave with some steam blocking and it turned out well.  It looks lovely – a great little pattern with great results.



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  1. Oh, Sweetie, this is just gorgeous — and I know J. will just adore this. It’s so her! And *hugs* I’m sure you’ll see each other again soon! x

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